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Table of Contents

Warning: The OpenCCM User's Guide is now split into the following documents:

  1. Environment for using OpenCCM
  2. The OpenCCM's Compilation Chain
  3. Generation and implementation rules
  4. The OpenCCM's Execution Chain
  5. Demonstrations
  6. Writing an application with OpenCCM
  7. Writing CCM XML meta files

Environment for using OpenCCM

  1. Loading the OpenCCM environment
  2. The OpenCCM's Configuration Repository

Loading the OpenCCM environment

To have access to all the OpenCCM's tools, it is required to source the OpenCCM environment file according to the shell used.

  • For Unix shells like sh or bash, do:
    $ . /A_PATH/bin/
  • For Unix C-shells like csh or tcsh, do:
    $ source /A_PATH/bin/envi.OpenCCM.csh
  • For Windows shells, do:
    $ call \A_PATH\bin\envi_OpenCCM.bat

Where A_PATH refers to the path where OpenCCM is compiled or installed.

These environment files add the path of the OpenCCM's tools in the PATH shell variable and define the following shell variables required by OpenCCM:

  • OpenCCM_HOMEDIR: The directory where OpenCCM is compiled or installed.
  • OpenCCM_CONFIG_DIR: The directory where the OpenCCM Configuration Repository will be stored.

The OpenCCM's Configuration Repository

During OpenCCM uses, the OpenCCM's Configuration Repository will contain IORs (Interoperable Object Reference), PIDs (Process IDentifier), and output of the started OpenCCM tool processes.

By default, the OpenCCM's Configuration Repository is stored in the $HOME/OpenCCM_CONFIG_DIR directory. Then each user has its own OpenCCM's Configuration Repository as long as he/she does not change the default value of the OpenCCM_CONFIG_DIR variable. Thus, several users can run its own OpenCCM platform on a same host.

Moreover, if the $HOME directory can be accessed by a set of networked hosts (e.g. sharing done through NFS), then a user has one OpenCCM's Configuration Repository shared across all these hosts.

If several users set their OpenCCM_CONFIG_DIR variable to the same directory, then they share the same OpenCCM's Configuration Repository.

Finally, if a user starts several shells and sets in each shell the OpenCCM_CONFIG_DIR variable to different directories, then he/she can run several distinct OpenCCM platforms.

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