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Using the COACH Tracing Feature

As partner of the IST-COACH project, Lucent Technologies has contributed to OpenCCM by the addition of a tracing feature that can be used to monitor applications at the communication level.

Compiling the COACH Testing Framework

In order to use the tracing feature, it first needs to be compiled:

  • If you have a compiled OpenCCM, then execute this build target in the directory you unzipped OpenCCM:

    On Unix systems:

    $ coach_testing

    or on Windows systems:

    $ build.bat coach_testing
  • Let's note that you can build OpenCCM and the COACH Testing Framework in a single process calling:

    On Unix systems:

    $ coach

    or on Windows systems:

    $ build.bat coach

    This target allows the building of the whole OpenCCM - COACH software, including any contribution within this project.

Starting and Stopping the COACH Tracing Server

These script commands allow manipulation of the software:

coach_tracing_start Starts the COACH Tracing Server and instantiates a GUI that will display intercepted communications on tracing-enabled ComponentServers.
WARNING: This server needs a running CosNaming Service.
coach_tracing_stop Stops the COACH Tracing Server, and destroys the GUI.

Once run, the server displays its monitoring GUI. Here is a snapshot taken while monitoring OpenCCM's demo1.

COACH Tracing Server GUI

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