OpenCCM - User's Guide

Table of Contents

The OpenCCM User's Guide is split into the following documents:

  1. Environment for using OpenCCM
  2. OpenCCM Demonstrations
  3. The OpenCCM Compilation Tool Chain
  4. The UML OpenCCM Compilation Tool Chain
  5. Generation and implementation rules
  6. Writing an application with OpenCCM
  7. Writing CCM XML meta files
  8. Writing Component Assembly Descriptors
  9. The OpenCCM Execution Tool Chain
  10. Distributed OpenCCM Execution
  11. The OpenCCM Persistent State Service
  12. Browsing and managing your application
  13. Using the COACH Tracing Feature
  14. Writing Trading Service Type Descriptions in XML
  15. Writing Browser Configuration in XML
  16. Writing Launcher Descriptions in XML
  17. Creating a console using the Browser Framework
  18. OpenCCM for PDA User Guide
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