OpenCCM - DCI Module Install Guide

DCI Module Install Guide

This module requires the following modules to work properly :

The DCI module and all dependencies can be checked out by using the alias openccm-dci.

Contents Structure

The DCI module contains the following directories and files :

 build.xmlANT main script for compilation process.
src/ The source code directory.
 dtd/DTD files for DCI and nodes properties definition.
 idl/IDL definitions of the IST-COACH DCI and OpenCCM's extensions.
 java/Java sources of DCI and OMG's Deployment implementations and Explorer plugin.
 resources/Icons to be used by the Explorer plugin for DCI.
 unix/Unix scripts.
 windows/Windows scripts.
 xml/XML files to be used with Launcher and Explorer, plus DCI packaging descriptors.
web/ Source files for this documentation.

Build Instructions

This module provides a build.xml file to be used by your ANT tool (which should be in your PATH environment setting).
A quick help message can be displayed with ANT project help :

$ ant -p
Buildfile: build.xml

    This file is in charge of the OpenCCM DCI module.

    It produces :
      The Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) and Deployment library.

Main targets:

 build  Main target to build the DCI module.
Default target: build

Thus, the full build can be achieved by simply running ANT without any argument.

Results of Compilation

The compilation of the DCI module feeds the build directory with the following directories and files:

ant/ Pathes and libraries settings for following modules build and runtime.
bin/ All generated commands.
class/ All compiled Java classes.
externals/ Libraries used during the compilation.
idl/ Repository for all IDL files.
jar/ Archived Java packages.
java/ Java files generated from DTDs or IDL files.
lib/ Final libraries.
xml/ XML files for the Launcher.

See the user's guide for usage instructions.

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