OpenCCM - Launcher Install Guide

Launcher Install Guide

This module requires the following modules to work properly :

The Launcher and all dependencies can be checked out by using the alias utils-launcher.

Contents Structure

The Launcher module contains the following directories and files :

 build.xmlANT script for compilation process.
examples/ A simple "Hello World" use case.
 export.xmlPathes and properties definitions to be used from other modules.
src/ The source code directory.
 dtd/Contains the Launcher DTD file.
 java/Java source tree.
 log/Log configuration files.
 unix/Unix scripts.
 windows/Windows scripts.

Build Instructions

This module provides a build.xml file to be used by your ANT tool (which should be in your PATH environment setting).
A quick help message can be displayed with ANT project help :

$ ant -p
Buildfile: build.xml

    Launcher Framework.

      Generates OS-dependent scripts for the launcher.
      Depends on "launcher.settings.init" to correctly feed scripts tokens.

Main targets:

 build     Main target to build the Launcher module.
 clean     Cleans the Launcher Framework
 compile   Compiles the Launcher Framework
 doc       Builds the documentation in <build directory>/doc
 generate  Generates the Launcher XML Parser
 jdoc      Generates the package documentation
 package   Packages the Launcher Framework
Default target: build

Thus, the full build can be achieved by simply running ANT without any argument.

Results of Compilation

After compilation, a build directory is created. It contains the following directories and files:

ant/ ANT files containing settings for eventual ANT usages.
bin/ All generated binaries.
class/ All compiled Java classes.
externals/ Libraries which have been needed during compilation.
jar/ Temporary packages, which are produced by compilation.
java/ Generated Java files for the Launcher XML files parser.
lib/ Product archives, merging jar/'s files.

See the user's guide for usage instructions.

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