OpenCCM - Core Module Install Guide

Core Module Install Guide

The core module used standalone requires the following modules to work properly :

The core module of OpenCCM and all dependencies can be checked out by using the alias openccm-core.

Contents Structure

The OpenCCM module contains the following directories and files :

 build.xmlANT script for compilation process.
externals/ Module specific external dependencies.
src/ The source code directory.
 dtd/XML DTD files from the OMG's specification for Packaging and Deployment.
 java/Java source code of the main GUI tool and descriptors's specific widgets.
 resources/More icons for the GUI.
 unix/Unix scripts.
 windows/Windows scripts.
 xml/XML files to be used by ANT, Apollon, Browser or Launcher.

Build Instructions

This module provides a build.xml file to be used by your ANT tool (which should be in your PATH environment setting).
A quick help message can be displayed with ANT project help :

$ ant -p
Buildfile: build.xml

    This file is in charge of the OpenCCM main module (distribution).

    It does the following :
      Build of a file, combinating every checked out module,
      For each part of this module (platform, runtime, plugins, utils) :
        comparison of the dates for the built JARs and the sources directory,
        setup of properties _already_built if the JARs are up to date,
        call of each part's ANT build sequence,
      Call of other modules' build, unless .needed properties are false.

    Results are :

    The default target builds everything, with any other checked out modules.

Main targets:

 build                 Main target to build the OpenCCM distribution
 clean                 Erases the build directory
 core.module           Copies scripts still in this module
 doc                   Builds the documentation in <build directory>/doc
 platform              Builds OpenCCM_Platform -- generators and compilers libs
 plugins               Builds OpenCCM_Plugins -- various plug-ins libs
 runtime               Builds OpenCCM_Runtime -- containers and components libs
 utils                 Builds OpenCCM_Utils -- util libs still in this module
Default target: build

Note that the default behaviour is the full build for OpenCCM distribution (involving other modules which have to be available).

To use the core module as a Platform and Runtime libraries provider, use the specific targets indicated in the project help :

$ ant platform


$ ant runtime

The core.module and utils targets, even available, should not be very usefull used standalone. They will disappear in future versions.

Results of Compilation

The compilation of the OpenCCM core module feeds the build directory with the following directories and files:

ant/ ANT files containing settings for eventual ANT usages.
bin/ All generated binaries.
class/ All compiled Java classes.
dtd/ All XML DTD files.
externals/ Libraries which have been needed during compilation.
jar/ Temporary packages, which are produced by compilation.
java/ Java files generated from DTDs or IDL files.
lib/ Product archives, merging jar/'s files.
resources/ Resource files (e.g. icons).
templates/ All generator template files.
xml/ XML files for the launcher or GUIs' configuration.

See the user's guide for a list of produced files during the compilation and for usage instructions.

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