OpenCCM - Documentation

Release 0.9.0 Documentation

  • OpenCCM brochure [pdf]
    Presentation flyer of the OpenCCM Platform project.

  • OpenCCM Modules Guide [html]
    This page sums up descriptions for every modules available in the CVS repository, listing each module's main features.

  • OpenCCM Installation Guide [html]
    Complete instructions for anyone who wants to get, configure and build the OpenCCM Platform.
    It includes the description of contents found in both 0.9.0 archive and CVS check out method as well.

  • OpenCCM User's Guide [html]
    Detailed user guide for all features provided by the OpenCCM Platform.
    It includes usage help for command line tools, graphic tools, and tutorials for CCM based application development.

  • OpenCCM CVS Guide [html]

  • Inside OpenCCM Developer Guide [pdf] [ps] [doc]

General Documentation

Documentation for All Releases

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