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Packaging Assembling Tool Install Guide

This module requires the following modules to work properly :

The Packaging Assembling Tool and all dependencies can be checked out by using the alias openccm-pat. Building the Packaging Assembling Tool will automatically build needed libraries from dependent modules below.

Contents Structure

The Packaging Assembling Tool module contains the following directories and files :

 build.xmlANT script for compilation process.
externals/ Module specific external dependencies.
 browser/Browser plugin providing icons for the GUI.
src/ The source code directory.
 dtd/XML DTD files from the OMG's specification for Packaging and Deployment.
 java/Java source code of the main GUI tool and descriptors's specific widgets.
 resources/More icons for the GUI.
 unix/Unix scripts.
 windows/Windows scripts.
 xml/XML files to be used by ANT, Apollon, Browser or Launcher.
web/ Repository for the module's documentation.

Build Instructions

This module provides a build.xml file to be used by your ANT tool (which should be in your PATH environment setting).
A quick help message can be displayed with ANT project help :

$ ant -p
Buildfile: build.xml

    This file is in charge of the OpenCCM Packaging/Assembling Tool module.

    Once compiled, this software includes :
    +  the CCM deployment descriptors XML DTDs specified by the OMG
    +  XML frameworks enabling manipulation of deployment descriptors
    +  the Packaging and Assembling GUI, to build CCM packages
Main targets:

 build                 Main target to build the Packaging/Assembling Tool module
 ccm_xml               Builds the Apollon parser frameworks for the CCM DTD files
 doc                   Builds the documentation in <build directory>/doc
Default target: build

Build the GUI Tool

This is the default target. It builds both libraries and scripts needed to use the graphical tool in the build directory :

$ ant 

Build the CCM Deployment Descriptor Frameworks Only

Manipulation of the XML descriptors used for CCM deployment is done with the help of the generated frameworks of this module. Since GUI code is useless, a specific target can be called to get an Apollon parsers only library :

$ ant ccm_xml

Results of Compilation

The Packaging Assembling Tool compilation creates following files in the build directory :

ant/ ANT files containing settings for eventual ANT usages.
bin/ All generated binaries.
class/ All compiled Java classes.
dtd/ All XML DTD files.
externals/ Libraries which have been needed during compilation.
jar/ Temporary packages, which are produced by compilation.
java/ Java files generated from DTDs or IDL files.
lib/ Final libraries directory.
 ow_openccm_deployment_descriptors_xml.jarApollon parsers only library. Also holds the DTD files.
 packaging_assembling_tool.jarPackaging/Assembling and Apollon GUI frameworks.
resources/ Resource files (e.g. icons).
xml/ XML files for the launcher or GUIs' configuration.

See the user's guide for usage instructions.

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