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Go to OpenCCM - Tasks to obtain the latest status of OpenCCM activities.

ActivityExpected ResultsResponsible
Implementing the Persistent State Service (PSS) with Speedo and JORM, i.e. support for different data sources like RDBM, OODBM, files, etc. September 2003Christophe Demarey
Integrating the CosTransactions Service implemented with JOTM. September 2003Romain Rouvoy
Full support for CORBA entity components.December 2003Christophe Demarey
Releasing OpenCCM 0.9.February 2004OpenCCM Team
Releasing OpenCCM 1.0.June/July 2004OpenCCM Team
Complete redesign of OpenCCM containers and provide:
- Component Implementation Framework
- New code generator for containers
UnknownFabien Hameau, Philippe Merle and Mathieu Vadet
Providing a new framework for code generation allowing users to write their own generators by extending existing ones. UnknownSylvain Leblanc
Support for CORBA composites, i.e.
a CORBA composite will be a CORBA component encapsulating a CORBA assembly.
UnknownFrédéric Briclet
Developing new demonstrations.Not scheduledNot allocated
Providing a Test Suite.Not scheduledNot allocated
Integration of the CORBA Security Service.Not scheduledNot allocated
Distributed Logging facilities with MonoLog.Not scheduledNot allocated

Completed ActivityExpected ResultsResponsible
Releasing OpenCCM 0.8.October 2003OpenCCM Team
XMI 1.1 UML front end.Done in OpenCCM 0.8Pierre Carpentier
Improvement of the OpenCCM Browser:
  • More menu items
  • More panels
  • User's Guide
Done in OpenCCM 0.8Jérôme Moroy
Integration of the CORBA Trader Service.Done in OpenCCM 0.8Sylvain Leblanc
Releasing OpenCCM 0.7.July 2003OpenCCM Team
Support for AssemblyFactory, Assembly, and ServerActivator interfaces. Done in OpenCCM 0.7Frédéric Briclet
Completing the XML deployment tool.Done in OpenCCM 0.7Christophe Contreras
Implementing a 1st XML packaging/assembling tool, i.e. GUI.Done in OpenCCM 0.7Christophe Contreras
Support for the ComponentHomeFinder interface. Done in OpenCCM 0.7Frédéric Briclet
1st Graphical Administration Console.Done in OpenCCM 0.7Jérôme Moroy
Basic code generation for PSDL, i.e.
code generation for memory-based persistence.
Done in OpenCCM 0.7Christophe Demarey
Reorganizing the Ant build process, i.e.
splitting the global build.xml file into separate files.
Done in OpenCCM 0.7Romain Rouvoy
Releasing OpenCCM 0.6.March 2003OpenCCM Team
Code generation for CIDL, i.e.
generating CIDL skeletons and providing executor segmentation.
Done in OpenCCM 0.6Christophe Demarey
1st draft of the "Inside OpenCCM" document.Done in OpenCCM 0.6Areski Flissi
Logging facilities with MonoLog.Done in OpenCCM 0.6Jérôme Offroy

If you would like to contribute to the OpenCCM open source project, please see the how to contribute page.

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