OpenCCM - History


6 July 2005: OpenCCM 0.9.0 released

The OpenCCM 0.9.0 release brings a major change in the organisation of the whole OpenCCM software including:

  • General changes
    • Split OpenCCM into several modules instead of only one module.
    • Improved the compilation time to build the whole OpenCCM platform.
    • Removed all absolute paths in files generated during the build process. Now OpenCCM binary distribution could be produced.
    • Added support for CYGWIN on Windows systems.
  • Utils Module
    • The common utils used in the OpenCCM Platform have been extracted from the OpenCCM core module in the utils module, as an independant module.
      This module becomes the base dependency for all others.
  • Launcher Module
    • The launcher tool version 2.0 is used in all modules. It has been extracted in the launcher module.
  • Comanche Module
    • Now extracted in the independant comanche module, this HTTP server can be used separately.
  • Explorer Module
    • The Browser framework was redesigned and renamed to Explorer framework and was imported into the explorer module.
    • Added support for scripting Explorer plug-ins with BeanShell.
  • CCM Explorer Module
    • The CCM Explorer console was extracted from the OpenCCM core module and was imported into the ccm_explorer module.
    • Added support for scripting CCM Explorer plug-ins with BeanShell.
  • CORBA Module
    • Added the new corba module which contains ORB wrappers.
    • Added the new idl2java command and Ant task to compile OMG IDL 2.x files to Java independently of the underlying used CORBA product.
  • Production Module
    • Corrected the OpenCCM Bug #301243.
    • Added the new production module which contains CCM Interface Repository and Abstract Syntax Tree, IDL/PSDL/CIDL parser and basic generators.
    • Added OpenCCM Ant Tasks for production chain.
    • Added the CIDL dependencies generator. This tool is used to easily create one archive per CIDL composition.
  • UML Module
    • Added the new uml module which contains all the needed elements for the interaction between a CCM application and its representation in UML.
    • Added a new OMG IDL 3.0, OMG CIDL and Java implementation files generator in the UML module. This script allows you to parse a specified XMI 1.1 UML 1.4 document and to generate the corresponding OMG IDL 3.0, CIDL and Java implementation files (CIF or monolithic).
  • PSS Module
    • The Persistency State Service (PSS) module handles generators and wrappers for implementations of the OMG's CosPersistency spec.
    • Added the new pss module which contains the version 0.2 of the Persistent State Service.
    • Included support for JDO and Hibernate persistent frameworks.
  • Packaging Assembling Module
  • OpenCCM Module
    • Former openccm standalone module now holds the Runtime implementation.
      It also contains legacy code still needed for code production.
      This module depends on all others to provide the full featured OpenCCM Platform.
    • Corrected a multi-threading problem when several threads execute operation calls in parallel on a same component.
      Previously, a CORBA::UNKNOWN exception could be thrown due to a NullPointerException.
    • Added the new Ant target distrib to generate OpenCCM binary distribution.
  • DCI Module
    • The OpenCCM Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) has been extracted from the OpenCCM core module in the dci module, as an independent module.
      Since the DCI is a CCM based application for CCM based deployments, it is still based on OpenCCM's Production Chain to be built.
    • Corrected the OpenCCM Bug #300553.
  • COACH Tracing Module
    • This IST-COACH contribution from Lucent can be now checked out separately through the coach_tracing module.
      This includes the web site structure, as well as the Actor-Reactor and Trace Server components.
  • Examples Module
    • The OpenCCM demonstrations have been extracted from the core module in the examples module.
      They can be downloaded separately, and their behaviour regarding usage of OpenCCM Production Chain and Runtime libraries should be taken in example.
  • MicroCCM Module
  • PDA Module

Please see here for detailed information on this new release.

3 January 2005: OpenCCM 0.8.2 released

This OpenCCM 0.8.2 release includes:

Please see here for detailed information on this new release.

16 April 2004: OpenCCM 0.8.1 released

This OpenCCM 0.8.1 release includes:

  • Some bug corrections
  • Added support for MacOS X platforms
  • Ported on JacORB 2.1.
  • Ported on OpenORB 1.4.0-BETA1
  • Added the JavaCC 3.2 tool as external package to generate the OpenCCM OMG IDL/PSDL/CIDL parser
  • Updated the xmi2ir command
    • Taken the CCM CIF concepts into account
    • Replaced the CORBA-based UML repository by a JMI-based one
    • Improved compilation time
    • Reduced code size
  • Added a new generator to generate class files dependencies from CIDL compositions
  • Updated the cif_jimpl generator
    • Generate ::Components::EnterpriseComponent and ::Components::SessionComponent operations.
    • See the OpenCCM Task #915.
  • Added an option to the psdl_java generator to allow users to specify its classes inheritance in a properties file
  • Externalisation of the CIF IDL interfaces generator.
  • Updated the OpenCCM Interface Repository to allow to disable the OMG IDL 2.x mapping computation
  • Completed deployment functionnalities.
    • See the OpenCCM Task #1494.
    • Added support for CSD dependency elements with attribute type equals to "Java Class" and attribute action equals to "install".
    • Allowed component instantiations from already existing homes, see OpenCCM specific componentplacement and existinghome elements added to the XML DTD for Component Assembly Descriptor (CAD).
    • Changed the componentfiles element from mandatory to optional.
    • Supported the sequence element in CPF descriptions (partially done).
    • Supported component archives in component assembly archives.
    • Added the parametrisation of the deployment stopping/continuing in failure cases.
    • Improvement of the component assembly file checking. Now comprehensive messages are printed pointing out the problem.
    • Improvement of the deployment machine architecture to integrate new destination support for advanced users.
    • Added a deployment logger mechanism based on the deployment machine components state.
    • Improvement of the DCI architecture reliability.
  • Added the Persistent State Service 0.2
  • OpenCCM for PDA module
    • Added the new pda module with its documentation (install_guide_pda, user_guide_pda).
    • Support for Linux PDA.
    • New features to configurate and automatically install OpenCCM on Windows CE PDA devices (connected via an ActiveSync link).
    • Added new CosNaming service and DCI Manager arguments for distributed execution on several devices.
    • New commands to set and remotely access to the IOR of started OpenCCM services from device (ns_set, dci_set), and launch the OpenCCM Browser under a Linux PDA device!
    • See the OpenCCM Task #1475 and the OpenCCM Task #1605 for more details.
  • Added the OpenCCM Comanche Server allowing you to remotely access to the IOR of started OpenCCM services.
  • Added new commands to set the IOR of OpenCCM services to use.
  • Added documentation on how to execute OpenCCM in a distributed system.
  • Improvement of the Browser Framework.
    • Added new features:
      • Improvement of the "view panel" management.
      • Added a status bar management.
      • Configuration of the initial context in the Browser configuration file.
      • Supported zip archives into the Browser configuration file.
    • Added examples of Browser Framework instances (One to browse Fractal components).
    • Added role management.
    • A documentation of the Browser Framework is now available here.
  • Improvement of the OpenCCM Browser.
    • Added information about CORBA Object in the status bar.
    • Enhanced the existing plug-ins (Renaming a binding in the CosNaming, New panels for CosNaming and Components).
    • Created new actions on CORBA Objects (Ping, Save IOR to file).
    • Added a plug-in for managing DCI. (Browse the DCI, install/build/tear down/destroy an Assembly).
    • Added several roles/views (CosNaming administrator, Components administrator, Deployment administrator, ...).
    • Added a mechanism to display/modify attributes of CORBA objects and CCM components (see the "chat" demo for detail).
  • Added support for ORBacus and Unix environments for the COACH Tracing Server.
    • See the OpenCCM Task #1960.
    • Now this tracing server can be used with Unix environments, and ORBacus hasn't the NS reference problem anymore.
    • See instructions to use this feature here.
  • OpenCCM's Packaging/Assembling Tool new module
    • See the OpenCCM Task #106.
    • Added the new openccm-pat CVS module alias. See the Install Guide's section to know how to build it. The tool is now fully standalone.
    • Using an up-to-date Apollon version, which avoids external icons or XML config files.
    • Improved GUIs with more icons and a re-organisation for some panels.
    • Added support for CAR and AAR file opening for edition.
    • Supporting the OpenCCM's DCI with <destination> features.
    • See OpenCCM's user guide for usage instructions.
    • Added the DCI Node Properties Descriptor (NPD) Graphic Editor, see the OpenCCM Task #1466.
  • Added the OpenCCM presentation done at the 3rd ObjectWeb Conference 2003, INRIA Rocquencourt, France, 20th - 21th November 2003
    • See the new slides [pdf] [ppt]

Please see here for detailed information on this new release.

20 October 2003: OpenCCM 0.8 released

This OpenCCM 0.8 release includes:

  • Many bug corrections
  • Support for SUN JDK 1.4.1 & 1.4.2.
  • Improvement of the support for Borland Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0.2.
  • Improvement of the support for Borland Enterprise Server (BES) 5.2.
    Thanks to Mike Gratsas for contribution.
  • Support for JacORB 2.0
  • Improvement of the support for The Community OpenORB 1.2.1.
  • Support for The Community OpenORB 1.3.1
  • Improvement of the support for The Community OpenORB 1.4.0
  • A new front-end for XMI UML files to design the application in an UML tool and to feed the interface repository with this model.
  • A new generator for Java business component implementation templates from OMG CIDL files
  • Support for the CORBA Trading Service
  • Support for starting deployment from PDA (Win CE)
  • Support for XML DTD Formal Public Identifiers (FPI) which enable CCM descriptors portability
  • Added the ::Components::CCMHome::get_container operation for obtaining the Container where the home is installed
  • Added the Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) defined by the IST COACH project
  • Improvement of the Launcher Tool
  • Improvement of the graphical Packaging/Assembling tools
    • See the OpenCCM Task #106.
    • Added support for CORBA Component Descriptor (CCD) and Property File Descriptor (CPF).
    • Direct access to associated CORBA Component Descriptors (CCD) and Property File Descriptors (CPF) during packaging.
    • In a same manner, added direct access to involved descriptors of a Component Assembly Descriptor (i.e.: CSD, CCD, or CPF files).
    • Merge of packaging and assembling tool in a single one, covering the whole providing of deployment meta-information for an application.
    • Both Component and Assembly ZIP archives can be built from the descriptors.
  • Template files for OMG IDL, Java, Unix, Windows, and XML
  • List of the projects related to OpenCCM
  • Three new french tutorials presented during the 4th Summer School on Middleware and Building Distributed Applications (ICAR 2003)

Please see here for detailed information on this new release.

16 July 2003: OpenCCM 0.7 released

This OpenCCM 0.7 release includes:

  • Many bug corrections,
    see Bugs #123, #210, #221, #222, #223, #224, #229, #241, #242, #247, #258, #271, #278, #279, #297, #306, #311, #314, #316, #323, #345, #347, #348, #349 ;
  • Full restructuration of the Ant build process to be more modular, see here for more details ;
  • The Borland Enterprise Server 5.2 supported ;
  • The Communauty OpenORB 1.4.0 supported ;
  • Latest OMG CORBA Components Specification documents,
    see here ;
  • Two new demonstrations, a componentized chat and file transfer applications,
    see OpenCCM Task #202 and here for more information ;
  • OMG Persistent State Service implementation including the PSDL compiler, the Java code generator, and the runtime based on JDO,
    see the new psdl_java script and the OpenCCM's Persistent State Service documentation ;
  • Graphical user interface packaging and assembling tools,
    see OpenCCM Task #106 and here for more information ;
  • Improvements of the deployment infrastructure,
    more XML elements supported and implementation of the Components::HomeFinder, Components::Deployment::AssemblyFactory, Components::Deployment::Assembly, and Components::Deployment::ServerActivator standard CCM interfaces,
    see here for more information ;
  • Added the ::Components::CCMHome::get_components operation for obtaining the list of components managed by a home,
    see OpenCCM Task #268 ;
  • A graphical console tool for browsing and interacting with components at runtime,
    see here for more information ;
  • Created the new mailing list openccm-commits at to trace commits in the OpenCCM's CVS.
  • Added installation instructions for running OpenCCM on PDA under Windows CE,
    see OpenCCM Task #453 and here for more information ;

28 March 2003: OpenCCM 0.6 released

This OpenCCM 0.6 release includes:

  • Many bug corrections,
    see Bugs #104, #105, #114, #117, #137, #140, #141, #178, #203, #204, #207 ;
  • A new OMG IDL 3.0/PSDL/CIDL compilation chain,
    see the OpenCCM's Compilation Chain User's Guide ;
  • A new basic C/C++ preprocessor written in Java,
    see the OpenCCM's Compilation Chain User's Guide ;
  • A new ir3_destroy command,
    see the OpenCCM's Compilation Chain User's Guide ;
  • A code generator for CIDL definitions providing CIDL to OMG IDL mapping and CIDL-based component executor skeletons,
    see the OpenCCM's Compilation Chain User's Guide ;
  • A runtime for supporting CIDL component executor segmentation ;
  • All demonstrations include CIDL descriptions and CIDL-based component implementations ;
  • Improvements of the XML-based CCM deploy tool,
    OpenORB supported and registerwithnaming XML tag ;
  • A Trace Service based on the ObjectWeb's Monolog framework ;
  • The "Inside OpenCCM" Developer Guide.

Internally, this OpenCCM 0.6 release includes:

  • A command line framework to parse command line arguments ;
  • A preprocessor framework to run Java-based and external C/C++ preprocessors ;
  • A launcher framework to start Java-based applications.

20 December 2002: OpenCCM 0.5 released

The OpenCCM 0.5 release provides many bug corrections and some new features like a XMI 1.1 generator, a CIDL/PSDL compiler and a XML deployment tool.

8 July 2002: OpenCCM 0.4 released

OpenCCM 0.4 is a major release that provides many technical changes and some new very interesting features.

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